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Complete Guide to 17 Cheap Wireless Headphones for TV

We’ve selected 17 affordable wireless headphones just under $100 that will surprise you, not your wallet.

The AudionistThe Audionist

Updated on: February 1, 2019

What’s the point of wireless headphones for TV?

Everyone needs a set of wireless headphones. And not just any pair of bluetooth headphones, but one specifically for television.


Couple of reasons:

  1. You’re watching television late at night and you don’t want to disturb those around you.
  2. Mobility. You could use wired headphones, but you’ll be chained to your TV.
  3. You need some privacy (you don’t want others judging).

What about bluetooth headphones? Don’t they work as well?

Technically yes. You could use a bluetooth headphone, but then you’d have to purchase a separate bluetooth receiver to connect said headphones to your TV. It may work, but you run the risk of buying an incompatible bluetooth receiver.

So what’s the difference between wireless TV headphones and bluetooth headphones?

The short answer: The former uses radio frequency, the later uses bluetooth technology.

The long answer: Bluetooth headphones are flexible and work with your bluetooth enabled devices such as your phone, laptop, tablet, and so on. But getting these to work on your TV system is not as simple as ‘pairing’ your headphone to your TV.

This is why manufacturers designed wireless headphones for TV with separate transmitters. These transmitters usually double as a docking and charging base, and they connect directly to your TV or Hi-Fi system’s audio-out.

Sounds like a lot of trouble just for watching TV

Not really. Think about it: television equipment usually stays put. If you own a Hi-Fi system or sound-bar that is connected to your TV, you probably wouldn’t disconnect them for whatever reasons (connecting to a computer, for instance).

Having a dedicated headphone for TV makes sense then. If it’s late at night and you want to watch TV, all you have to do is plug the transmitter into your TV’s audio-out and turn on your headphone. No need to worry about bluetooth pairing.

The solution to the problem is simple: combine the headphone and the transmitter into one package and you have a product that’s easy to set-up. No need to worry about purchasing separate transmitters or cables.

Let’s be honest about price

Price is important because the person looking for a wireless headphone solution is usually not too picky. They’re just looking for a set of headphones for a little privacy (or the sanity of people around them). Sound quality, while important, is usually not the deciding factor.

Why? People don’t want to spend a lot of money on TV headphones because they generally don’t consider them as audiophile equipment. That’s not to say that sound quality isn’t important. It’s just that we don’t put too much emphasis on achieving audiophile-grade quality when watching Netflix.

Plus, most of us prefer to watch TV with the speakers turned on. Headphones provide an intimate experience, but they tend to be a little tiresome after a few hours.

For an equipment that is not considered absolutely important, why spend hundreds of dollars on it? You could if you wanted to, but do you really want to?

Here’s the thing: you have people looking for wireless headphones for TV, but yet they don’t want to spend too much on them. Look around online or go to the store. Trust me, you’ll find many in the price range of $200 to $300 and above.

In fact, I dare say you’d want to spend as little as possible on these headphones.

The Solution

There are bargain wireless headphones out there that don’t cost a lot. Some of them cost as little as $22. You want brand names? How about a pair of Sony’s that cost $75?

Have I got you interested? Read on for a complete list of 17 wireless headphones for TV. You won’t find this guide anywhere else online, that I assure you. It’s accurate as of February 1, 2019. Believe me when I say I did my homework.

Wireless Headphones for TV 2

1. AudioMX Wireless RF Over-Ear Headphones

2. Brookstone 2.4GHz Wireless TV Headphones

3. Blurex Wireless Headphones with Charging Dock

4. Ideas In Life 6-In-1 Wireless Headphones for TV

5. Jelly Comb Wireless RF Stereo Headphones

6. Power Acoustik HP902R Wireless Headphones for TV

7. Pyle Home PHPW5 Professional 5 in 1 Wireless Headphone System

8. Pyle UHF 900MHz Wireless Headphones

Update: February 1, 2019

This product is out of production and no longer available.

9. RCA WHP141B 900MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones

10. RIF6 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Headphones for TV

Update: February 1, 2019

This product is out of production and no longer available.

11. Sennheiser RS110 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones for TV

Update: February 1, 2019

This product is out of production and no longer available.

12. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless Headphones

13. Sharper Image SHP921-2GB Universal Wireless Headphones

14. Sharper Image OWN ZONE Wireless Headphones for TV

15. Sony MDR RF985RK Wireless RF Headphones

16. Sony MDR IF245RK Wireless IF Headphones

17. Sony Premium Lightweight Wireless Noise Reduction Headphones

The Winner?

I recommend either the AudioMX or the Sony MDR RF985RK. Both cost about the same price and come with a few similar features. E.g. Over-ear and closed-back designs, rechargeable batteries. A few of the headphones in the list come without batteries, which can be a PITA if you have to keep replacing them.

The AudioMX uses a 2.4GHz channel whereas the Sony relies on a 900MHz channel. That said, the Sony boasts up to 25 hours of use compared to 12 hours for the AudioMX. The latter is a slightly newer product released in 2016.

Either way, you have plenty of choice. You might want to consider the other models if you already have rechargeable batteries at home. Don’t be too quick to dismiss the cheaper OEM brands.

I hope this comprehensive guide to wireless headphones for TV has been useful for you. If you think I’ve left out something good, drop me a message or tweet me!

This is Part 2 of a series of curated lists for headphones. For Part 1, check out The Definitive List of Noise Cancelling Earbuds.

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