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Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser’s latest headphone combines audiophile-grade quality with maximum wearing comfort for extended listening sessions.

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Best Headphones Under 200 Dollars

The HD 598 Special Edition (SE) is designed for audiophiles looking at affordable and comfortable open-back headphones. Even so, the HD 598 SE does not compromise on build or sound quality when compared to pricier cans double or triple its price, making it one of the best headphones under 200 dollars.

Build Quality

What the Sennheiser HD 598 SE does very well is offer Sennheiser-grade build quality at an affordable price. Made from premium materials, it feels sturdy yet robust and light enough at 315 grams. You can feel its durability the moment you pick it up. The HD 598 SE is also comfortable and well padded in all the right places.


The Sennheiser HD 598 SE features an over-ear, open-back design, and aluminum voice coils transducers. The padded leatherette head band and velour-covered ear pads gives the headphones a touch of luxury. They definitely don’t look or feel cheap.

As mentioned before, it’s extremely comfortable and fits perfectly without clamping itself on your head. Sennheiser was right – these are perfect for those long listening sessions at night, or day, whichever you prefer.

The HD 598 SE comes with two cable options – 3m and 1.2m, and includes a 3.5mm adapter plug. No compatibility issues here, these headphones will work with any smart phone, tablet, computer or home stereo.

Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition: Best headphones under 200

Sound Quality

Soundstage is simply outstanding. The tone is natural, detailed and balanced without being too analytical. Part of this stems from its open-back design which creates a proper, wide soundstage. The overall tone is refined and smooth. A little airy and not too dark.

Listening fatigue is minimal, even for long periods of time. Added bonus: velour foam pads minimizes ear sweat as well.

Bass is tight, controlled and punchy. Mid-range is reasonably forward, especially in the mid to high range . The top end opens up nicely to complement vocals or acoustic recordings without being overly sibilant.

The Sennheiser HD 598 headphones are open-back, so expect some sound leakage when listening to it. This means they’re perfect for home use, but not so for the office or library. You wouldn’t want to use them in the subway either, as its open-back design means you won’t be getting any sound isolation at all.

These cans feature Sennheiser’s E.A.R technology – ‘Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement’ which “channels audio directly into your ears” to produce a realistic ‘in-room’ experience. You definitely get a sense that they intended the Sennheiser HD 598 SE for home use.


The Sennheiser HD 598 SE is probably one of the best headphones under 200, and is highly recommended if you’re looking for both sound quality and comfort without breaking the bank. It’s great for long listening sessions at home, or for watching a movie or two. It’s a good choice if you’re looking to upgrade your existing setup to an affordable audiophile-grade headphone.

The HD 598 comes in two colors: black and ivory. The ivory version has a nice touch with its chocolate tone velour foams. But if you’re looking for an understated look, stick with black. Either way, both versions feature a modern design with a touch of class.

Technical Specifications

Wearing Style: Headband
Color: Brown
Impedance: 50 Ω
Frequency Response: 12–38500 Hz
Sound Pressure Level: 112 dB (1 kHz/1 Vrms)
Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0,1 % (1 kHz/100 dB SPL)
Jack Plug: 6.3 mm
Weight: 270 g

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